The Firm

Dela Calzada, Cañada, Borgonia & Bacatan (DCBB) Law Offices is a team of young and energetic lawyers dedicated to providing compassionate, smart and strategic advocacy and legal solutions tailored to your needs.

Our motto is “PERSONALIZED LEGAL SERVICES” because we know that we will be dealing with legal concerns regarding your life, your family, your estate and your business — things that are deeply personal to you.

As advocates, we are passionate about using the law for the right reasons — to plead your cause. As litigators, we think outside the box and vigorously pursue complex cases to ensure that your rights are protected. As legal counsels, we thoroughly conduct due diligence and risk management so that you can stop worrying and focus on what matters most to YOU.

We are here to support and comfort, and arm you with the necessary knowledge and understanding to help make sense of your legal entanglements.

Here at DCBB Law Offices, we make the law work for you — the right way.